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Editor in Chief
Dr. Jayant Biswas,
Raipur, India
Edirorial Office
3/40 Civil Lines, Rajatalab, Raipur
492001, C.G. India

Year of Commencing: 2014
ISSN- 2348 5191 (Print); 2348 8980 (Online)
Editorial Advisory Board (Invited Posts)
Dr. Dante Fenolio,
Texas, US
Dr. E A Jayson,
Kerala, India
Dr. Messana Giuseppe,
Firenze, Italy
Dr. Kailash Chandra
Kolkata, India
Prof. K.V. Jayachandran
Kochi India
Prof. G. Marimuthu,
Madurai, India
Dr. Laure Desuttere
Paris, France
Dr. Rina Mukherji
Kolkata, India
Dr. Rosario Ruggieri
Ragusa, Italy


Dr. Jut Wynne,
Northern Arizona
University, US

Dr. Nishith Dharaiya,
HNGU University, India
Wildlife Science

Dr. Sebastian Breitenbach,
Eidgenossische Technische
Hochschule, Switzerland

Dr. Arunangshu Mukherjee,
CGWB, GOI, India

Dr. Satvant Kaur Saini,
Iora Ecol. Sol., India

Dr. Goldin Quadros,
SACON, India

Technical Editors

Dr. Jagruti Y. Rathod,
Vadodara, India
Wildlife Biology

Dr. Amol Patwardhan,
Mumbai, India

Nikita Dutta,
Saarbrucken, Germany
Learning Technology

Dr. Neetu Singh,
Shrinagar, India
Environmental Sci.

Jiban Shrestha,
Chitwan, Nepal
Agricultural Sci.

Manoshi Goswami,
Tezpur, India
Environmental Sci.

Dr. Pratishtha Biswas,
Mumbai, India
Health Science

Persons from the Academic background, Scientific Journalism, Environment Conservation/Protection Work (NGO Scientist) willing to serve as Editorial Member (Associate) and Technical Reviewer may send their CV to the EDITOR. The names and other details of the selected candidates will be focused in this page.