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Formation of Angerh Minue Cave in Asmari Karst Complex of Zagros Mountain, Iran

Ghassem Ghaderi, Leila Karimi


The Angerh Minue Cave, located in one km from west Angerh village which is about 97 km far from Shiraz of Fars Province, the Cultural Capital of Iran. The main entrance of the cave is at an altitude of 2430 having a depth of 176 m and length 776 m. It developed along the bedding of limestone layers. Asmari Formation is the host rock of the Angerh Minue cave. Mountainous region of Zagros, where the Angerh Minue cave is located could be referred as seismic region due to the presence of various basement faults, some of which are still active. In the present study, the geological process behind the formation of Angerh Minue Cave has been tried to analyze.


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  • DOI: 10.21276/ambi.2014.01.1.aa01

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