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Women's Psychological Sexual Disorder and Hypertensive Husbands

Leili Mosalanezhad, Mahdi Asadi, Mohammad Zarenezhad, Farzaneh Alipour


Healthy sex is the basic need for the human being and constant interruption in it due to some chronic illness might end up the martial relationship. This study was aimed to compare the relationship between couple burnout, sexual assertiveness, and sexual dysfunctional beliefs in women with hypertensive and non-hypertensive husbands. The survey was conducted in the internal clinic, Jahrom university of medical sciences. Total 200 participants have included out of which 100 women were with hypertensive husbands and the others were with non-hypertensive husbands. Data were collected through demographic characteristics’ questionnaire; couple burnout Measure, Hulbert index of sexual assertiveness and sexual dysfunctional beliefs Questionnaire. The proper statistical analysis was applied to evaluate the differences between 2 groups. Results concluded to one of the most important factors which contort and increases couple burnout are the wrong sexual beliefs regarding sexual function and sexual decisive in women regarding their husbands’ sexual dysfunction.


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  • DOI:10.21276/ambi.2016.03.sp1.ra08

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