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Petrology of Mg-bearing Meta Ophiolite Complexes of Qaen-Gazik, Eastern Iran

Fatemeh Gharib-Gorgani, Afshin Ashja-Ardalan, Mohammad-Reza Espahbod, Seyed-Jamal Sheikhzakariaee, Abdollah Yazdi


The ophiolitic complex that studied in this piece of work is the part of an ophiolite ring surrounding Central Iran, emplaced during the Mesozoic related to divisions of Young Tethys types. According to the point analyses performed on the plagioclases and pyroxenes, all pyroxenes of the area are of high-Ca augite type. From labradorite to anorthite, plagioclases are the most dominant phenocryst in all rocks of the area. According to geochemical diagrams, it was concluded that the studied ophiolite complex is of harzburgite type (H-type) and its emplacement model corresponds with a cordilleran model of ophiolite emplacement. Although this ophiolite is of Tethys types, thus it could be stated that most of the parts of ophiolite sequence of the area were undergone metamorphism. Thus according to metamorphism of parts of basal peridotites of the ophiolite, metamorphosed ophiolite is an ideal name for this ophiolite suite.


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  • DOI:10.21276/ambi.2017.04.1.ga01

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