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Qualitative and Quantitative Survey and Suggested Management Strategy of Hospital Solid Waste at Hormozgan Province, Iran

Mohsen Dehghani, Majid Vafadar


Medical wastes always need special attention because of having infectious and hazardous compositions for the environment in the solid wastes management system. One of the most fundamental elements in planning and implementing a correct medical wastes management program is being aware of quantitative and qualitative amounts of medical wastes. The present piece of work is a temporal descriptive type which was carried out for examining medical wastes in Hormozgan province from qualitative and qualitative based on collecting data from 15 hospitals, field visits and sampling and analyzing results. Results revealed that in studied hospitals 2556Kg medical waste is coming out every day. According to a number of total occupied beds in studied hospitals, it shows every bed makes 83.1Kg medical waste that are infectious and hazardous wastes from 9.45 percent of this number. According to results of the study, management of hazardous medical wastes and destroying them is one of the worrisome and important problems of Hormozgan province that needs special attention for municipal planners and managers.


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  • DOI:10.21276/ambi.2017.04.1.ra04

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