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The Response of Outer Containment of Nuclear Reactor in Aircraft Crash

Reza Saberi, Majid Alinejad, Farid Ghorbani, Kamran Sepanloo


The impact of aircraft crash on concrete outer containment of nuclear reactor has been aimed to know. After 9/11 terrorist attacks and aircraft crashes with Twin Towers in the United States, the issue of nuclear safety and sustainability against plane crashes get more concerned. Destruction or damages of a nuclear power plant can lead to large-scale release of radioactive material and consequently it can bring about human and environmental disasters. In this article, the behaviour and response of concrete outer containment of nuclear reactor during a crash or moment loading is analysed through modelling Boeing-707 and Boeing-747 aircraft and also Phantom-F4 military aircraft. Dynamic load the aircraft is stimulated by using Riera’s time-force curve. During the crash impact load and explosion occur simultaneously, and then it is applied to critical location where dome caps are connected to cylindrical walls of reinforced concrete nuclear reactor. Assessment of this clash is done by stimulation of concrete outer containment of nuclear reactor ABAQUS software. The behaviour of two containment areas of the nuclear reactor, i.e. the cylindrical body and the junction of the cylindrical dome cap, are evaluated in this paper. The results show a similar behaviour of reinforced concrete reactor chamber when the aircraft crashes with the dome cap and cylindrical wall than other parts of the reactor chamber.


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  • DOI:10.21276/ambi.2017.04.1.ta04

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