Central Laboratory

We are successfully running our research laboratory in Raipur (C.G.). From all over the country students interested in working in any aspect of cave science are joining us to complete their master/Ph.D. dissertation. We are continuously publishing high-quality research articles in reputed national/ international journals.
Ambient Science

Besides, to promote cave related research work, we are publishing a journal Ambient Science to cover all the field related works. It is an ISI (Thomson Reuters) journal publishing in both the online and print format.
Mass Awareness Programs

To create awareness motivating the young talents about the Save Caves and general environment protection issues, we are continuously organizing workshops and attending various national level conferences/meets/colloquium.
Cave Protection Law

Our cultural heritage is tightly associated with the caves. Right from religious myths, pre-historic rock art to ancient sculpturing, caves provide the biggest evidence. But then also till date no proper law for cave protection has been framed in India.
Milestone Contribution

Stood shoulder to shoulder with Meghalayan environmentalists and save India's most precious cavern system, which became history against "Indian Land Grab phenomena"

The Pioneer Institute

Nat.Cave Res. & Prot. Org. is the only institution in India, working dedicatedly in the field of cave science. We are having MOU with various national nad international Institute and keep open our door for proper collaboration work.

We often organize cave expedition programs in collaboration with national/international cavers. Fellows interested in participation should keep in touch with their preferred time period. Whenever we get desirable participants and identify some new cave, we would try to arrange the program.