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Ambient Science: About the Journal
ISSN- 2348 5191 (Print version) & ISSN- 2348 8980 (Online)
Only one Paper from a Particular Corresponding Author will be entertained in one Issue ―― ―― ―― ―― ―― ―― ―― ―― ――
Aims and Objectives

Ambient Science is a peer-reviewed journal that strives to publish high-quality, original research/survey articles, general articles, miscellaneous notes on natural history/ case reports, on various aspects of ecology, biodiversity (microbes to mammals), environmental biology and climate science etc. Article on notes on natural history must be supported by enough photographic evidence. Research findings must be novel and if necessary the original data must be available for review by the Editors. Technical reports on environmental management programs are also welcome which should be based on the authors' own works and experiences. Papers on human health, sports, safety related issues could only be accepted for special issues.

Ambient Science generally avoids laboratory-based experimental articles. Ambient Science considers manuscripts based on various affairs related to environmental science which is having some impact on our daily lives. Apart from it, the manuscript focused on Agricultural Science, Food and Nutrition Science, Biodiversity and conservation etc. will be given priority.

In special cases, Ambient Science also publishes issues on 'Human & Health'. This particular issue is dealing with the articles based on the environmental-related impacts on various clinical, social, and even economic issues in human life and the way to cope with them.

The Editorial Board of the journal, reserves the right to accept or reject the article at any stage and any time or delete a part of the text, tables or figures, if necessary at any stage of publication.

Each communicated paper should be headed by a title, the full name(s), professional address(es) with e-mail address of the corresponding author. Abstract must be short and summarize the contents of the paper. Authors should provide five keywords after the abstract.

The manuscript will be communicated to two or more reviewers in addition to the editorial review. The authors also have to suggest the names of potential reviewers with their articles. It is not obligatory that the author should forward the names of only academicians, but the suggested names of the reviewers from practical fields will be highly solicited (eg., forest officers, zoo curators, environmental-based NGO's active members, Health officers etc.). However, it will be not necessary for the editorial board to communicate the concerned article only to the suggested reviewers. Authors will have the right to communicate to the editor if they do not wish their manuscript to be reviewed by any particular person as a reviewer because of potential conflicts of interest that are by mentioning proper reason(s).

Ambient Science is published by a non-profit organisation and thus meets the essential expenses of printing (hard copies) and maintaining the volumes on the internet under the open access category from where the readers can download any paper at no cost. The publisher has decided to charge some amount from the abroad authors in the name of processing and handling charges which is only after accepting the paper by going through peer review processes.

Copyright: Accepted manuscripts will come under CC BY NC category. However, without prior written permission of the Editor the whole or in part of any article could not be reproduced. No extra written formality will be required in this regard.