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Croatian Scholars Join for Short Terms Program गुफाओं में और भी जीवन के संकेत

Cave researcher "Inga Patarcic" and her co-scholar Luca visited Chhattisgarh from Croatia for cave visits and to know the research techniques the Indian use for cave studies under a research exchange program. Both of them visited Kotmsar, Dandak, Kailash and other caves of Kanger Valley National Park. They talked with Dainik Bhaskar reporter and told that caves of tropical countries like Kotumsar and Dandak are the mines for Biospeleological studies as here temperature remains in between 25-26 degree C round the year. Whereas in Croatia it is always between 1-5 degree C, but the number of caves in Croatia in Karst areas are too high as compared to Kanger Valley. They told about their finding of a cave leech which they recovered from 100 m depth of a cave of Croatia. They were amazed to see the blind fish of Kotumsar cave and request to take the measures for their conservation to the director of the Organization Dr. Jayant Biswas.